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Airport Transfers from Sofia Airport

Are you traveling to Sofia Airport in the coming months? If so, you may need to know more about how to get to where you are going, easily. Transfer from Sofia Airport can be a snap when you choose one of the convenient options below. Here, we will talk about a few of the more popular options for Sofia Airport transfers. For more information on any of these services, talk to your travel agent, or someone who has made a transfer from Sofia Airport recently.

Sofia airport transfers
Transfer from Sofia Airport


Staying Nearby

One of the most convenient options for transfer from Sofia Airport is to make your home base the airport itself. Why? This gives you access to public transport whenever you need it. Plus, it can greatly lower your commute time and costs to and from the airport itself. There are plenty of airport hotels near Sofia Airport. Some larger hotels also run regular Sofia Airport transfers to and from their hotels. You can make reservations for many of these hotels online or by booking in advance of your arrival. If, at any time, you need some guidance on how to get to your airport hotel, simply as an employee at the airport. 

Airport Sofia Terminal
Inside terminal 2 in Sofia Airport

Hiring a Car

Another popular option for Sofia Airport transfers is hiring a private car. Many really appreciate the convenience of having their own private means to drive around the area. It can allow you to get to all the places you need to go, faster. It also allows you to explore the area on your own if you are keen to do so. There are many online options for booking a car before you make your trip. Prices may be as low as around 26 Pounds per transfer, depending upon the service or car you choose. You can check out the prices of a car transfers here - Sofia airport transfer price list

 Public Transport

If you are just travelling around Sofia another good idea is to take a public transport ot a taxi. But be aware public transport is not the reliable one one, and the taxi's are not all safe. There are a variety of public transport options available, here. You can take the bus. The cost to get to the city center on a bus is typically around 1 Lev. Or, if you are a bit more daring you can hail a taxi right at the Sofia Airport to take you where you need to go. Just be aware that a private taxi may cost a bit more than simply taking the bus. You must be aware of the many scammers out there. There are scammers outside the airport who might drive you to Bansko or the Sofia Central Bus Station for much more than the normal fare. However, they can take you directly to your destination without any other stops. 

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