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Sofia Airport

Sofia Airport: land with pleasure

Sofia airport was established in the year 1938. Now it has extended the runway and it has easily accommodated jumbo jet air buses. Sofia airport is one of the most renowned international airports which have long terminal and taxi parking lot. In the year 2006, the new passenger terminal II was inaugurated in the Sofia airport.

Sofia Airport 1938
Sofia Airport 1938


 Features and customer benefits:

·      Sofia airport has two major passenger terminals.

·      Both of these passenger terminals are situated in the nearby area. The new terminal 2 has opened with all amenities like, 38 checks in counters with more than seven passenger entry gates.

Pliska Vip Lounge SA
Pliska Vip Lounge SA


·      You can avail the Sofia airport VIP lounge. It has excellent facilities and it offers free Wi-Fi connectivity, international wide screen television and internet connection and lots of current magazines, tabloids and books.  

·      Sofia airport has four rooms and two private lounges for guest. It provides all comforts and facilities. It is perfect for the celebrities and international business personnel because it offers total privacy and protection. Separate meeting rooms are attached with is lounge also.

·      Customers can rejuvenate themselves from jetlag, as they sit in the wide cafeteria in the terminal one. This terminal has four separate cafeterias and some excellent toy and book stores. So it offers total relaxation along with a perfect combination of coffee with books.

·      The money exchange facilities are done in the airport counter also.

·      Terminal two are especially designed with all features, like, cafeterias, hotel, restaurants, bar and wine shop.

·      Terminal-II has special facility for disable persons. It is designed with ample car parking area, lift and escalators. So, disabled persons can reach all the places easily. Apart from that, a separate lounge was designed for only disabled passengers because they require some special attention and help.  

How to travel to the city from the airport?

Terminal 2 Sofia - Eagle eye
Terminal 2 Sofia - Eagle eye


Sofia airport is the main gateway to Bulgaria. More than three million passengers avail this airport every year. If you plan to visit Bulgaria and want to enjoy their city tour with beautiful scenery and landscape, then you can easily hire a taxi from the airport terminal. It offers various kinds of cars and different rate chart. You can choose your car according to your need and pay the minimum rental amount for that because this care service does not have any hidden cost. You need to deposit a percentage amount and take a car for city tour. The car drivers can help you to find some awesome places and you can gauge the immense heritage value of this city.

Location of Sofia airport:

Sofia airport is located in Bulgaria. It is also known as Sofia Vrazhdebna Airport. This main airport of Sofia city is situated in the five kilometres away from the main city. It is used by the Sofia air force also and they operate their fight airbuses from this airport.

Journey of development:

Sofia Airport a.k.a Vrazhdebna
Sofia Airport a.k.a Vrazhdebna


In the year 2006, Sofia airport opened its second terminal. Now the old terminal is used for taxiway and new one has longest runway along with all facilities for the passengers. European investment bank, Kuwait and Arab development organization and European development programme finance for this development and they have built a magnificent new terminal in 2006.

·         Old terminal: this terminal was found in the year 1937 and after opening the new terminal it was used for the low cost airbuses and charter flights only. This terminal was renovated several times and the development process is still going on. But it has a heritage value because this is one of the oldest terminals in the European countries and it has all basic features for passengers.

·         New terminal: this terminal has huge spaces and it has all amenities for passengers. This terminal has six bridges, long taxiway, and special lounge for disabled persons, market complex, cafeterias, wine shops and wide car parking area which can accommodate more than nine hundred cars at a time. The air bridge helps to carry the huge luggage through its automatic transport system easily and this airport is fully equipped with all necessary machines which can help the customers at the highest level. This terminal is well decorated with artificial plants and fountains. Apart from that, passengers can avail post office, currency exchange, hotel and car hire desk from this terminal also.

How to communicate from Sofia airport?

New terminal 2
New terminal 2


·        You can easely hire a car for a private transfer from SA to major destinations - such as Bansko, Borovets, Pamporovo and many more. If you want to travel by bus then you can take line 84 buses from the airport and reach the Sofia University. Else you can pick up line 384 buses which are mainly connected with Mladost city metro. 

·        Taxis are available in the airport terminals. You can hire a taxi from both the terminals. It is suggested to verify the fare charts which are displayed on the taxi window and you have to pay according to this chart only. Apart from that, some luxury cars and taxis are also available on hire from the new terminal and if you hire those cars then you have to pay some extra amount but it provides ultimate comforts and you can enjoy the full city tour by these cars.

·        The metro line is under construction and it will be finished by the year 2015. It will be connected from the city to airport soon.

·        You can hire some luxury cars for your personal uses only. All major car services like Eurocar, National Car and Avis car companies have opened their booking counters in the airport terminal. You can book your desired car from their counter and go for a city tour or your destination easily.

·        The Airport authority offers inter-terminal transport facility on a regular basis. You can easily avail this facility every thirty minutes during the official hours.

It is notified that all the VIP facilities like, lounges and rooms are available only on pre request basis. The VIP lounge in the terminal two has more than 120 seat capacities with all features like, cafeterias, internet, Wi-Fi, fax and televisions. If travellers need to avail these facilities then they are requested to take a prior permission from the check-in counter or the airport authority.  If you are looking for fast and save transfer from Sofia airport to any destination withing Bulgaria check our services here :

 Sofia Airport Arrivals: